Muddleware is a networking solution for mobile devices. At its heart is a high speed XML server that is capable of handling thousands of queries/sec on an average PC. Muddleware uses XML DOM and XPath to support rapid prototyping. The client module is very lightweight to optimally suit the restrictions of mobile phones.

Studierstube ES includes optional Muddleware support, making it very easy to develop networked AR applications or games.

Muddleware consists of following main building blocks:

  • Muddleware XML Database (server side)
  • Muddleware Controller (server side)
  • Muddleware Script (client & server side)
  • Muddleware Client (client side)
  • Muddleware Shared Memory (client side)


The following figure shows how these components work together:

There is also an extended version of the Muddleware paper published at the Virtual Reality 2007 conference (VR'2007), which can be downloaded by clicking at the icon on the right side. The paper describes all the concepts and design rationales behind Muddleware. The original paper can be found here.

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