Signpost2007 is a location aware conference guide. It lets the user browse a conference's or event's schedule, shows the user where on the map each sessions is held and tells the user how to get there from his/her current location. Signpost2007 uses well established AR tracking technology (Studierstube Tracker) for sparse wide area indoor tracking. It is therefore a highly cost effective solution to outfit a complete building with tracking technology. Furthermore the client software runs on the users' private phones, which removes the necessity of deploying client devices.

Signpost2007 has 4 screens which each represent a different tool set of the application.


On the Schedule screen, the user can filter via days and track titles to quickly browse even large lists of talks. After selection a specific talk, the screen switches to the map view that shows the user his/her current and the talk's location. Furthermore a full text search engine allows finding any task or author.


On the Map screen, the user can pan and zoom the 2D map freely to explore the conference location. Signpost2007 renders the map with sub-pixel accuracy (bilinear filtering, a feature usually only implemented in hardware) in software at high frame rates even on slow devices.



Since the TechEd edition of Signpost2007, multiple maps are supported that can be switched at any time. Furthermore we added a 3D rendering of the building that shows the current 2D and target positions.


The Tracked screen has three functions: In 2D mode it shows the users his/her current live-tracked position and direction on the 2D map, while it automatically positions and orients (rotates) the map correctly. In the 3D mode ir rotates the building, showing the user which direction he's facing. In the Augmented Reality (AR) mode it transforms the device into a magic lens that lets the user view Augmented Reality objects that might be bound to certain markers (read more about this in the "treasure hunt" section below).



The Tool screen allows updating the schedule via wireless networking. Conference organizers can provide schedule updates via RSS feeds. Finally, the user can use the camera setup wizard to tweek camera settings and thereby overcome bugs in DirectShow drivers.


Treasure Hunt Game

For an even greater fun of using Signpost2007 there's also a built-in treasure hunt game. Conference or event organizers can announce prices for those users who find all hidden virtual items. Those virtual items can either be the letters or of the conference organizer's name or any other 3D objects.

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